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Posted by togaye on August 24, 2008

By now I am sure that you have either worked with, had exposure to or have purchased a photocopier or printer in the past so let’s talk about what we do to maintain the high quality of print and how to protect our investment.

When you purchased or are purchasing your equipment you would have covered or even considered maintenance on the product, whether it be a cost per copy plan, a pre-pay plan or what we like to call a ‘Do & Charge’ agreement with the supplier. What is important to remember here is that different types of maintenance can actually provide you with an entirely different type of protection should anything go wrong with your copier.

Just like the parts in cars are designed to be replaced at certain intervals, so are copiers. Believe it or not, copiers are not built with every piece lasting the same amount of time as another, so it is very important to understand what is required to get the most out of your investment.

When purchasing a copier outright you have the option of taking out a maintenance agreement with the supplier (or sometimes if through a dealer a designated third party service). A maintenance agreement is a great way to go about servicing your equipment as it provides a form of protection against maintenance issues that may arise. What most companies do is provide a preventative maintenance schedule with their maintenance agreements as to give a guarantee to the client that parts will be replaced as per the manufacturer’s recommendation, thus removing any concern that you may have about maintaining your equipment. You can choose with most companies to include or exclude consumables but I find that more recently including consumables has become very popular and helps avoid running out of stock or having to order through a separate supplier. Maintenance agreements come in all forms and sizes and prices will vary depending on the equipment, company and type of servicing required.

The most popular form of service is a cost per copy service that is attached to the financing of the equipment, thus giving you a total cost per print for your copying & printing solution. This is a healthy idea to help reduce suppliers and invoicing for the client and also ensures that all maintenance is handled by the supplying company to the best of its ability. The main reason for this is not only because the supplier is keen on keeping the client satisfied but also because the equipment remains there’s and it remains in their best interest to service their equipment (it will be sold second hand). By putting the onus back on to the supplier you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible service available and do not have to worry about any of the maintenance as it is all covered in a cost per print solution.

Keep these in mind with your current or future solution.

Jon Hillis is an expert advisor working in the document solution industry. He lives and works in Melbourne, Australia and dedicates his professional career towards the development of his clients and organisations that require expert advice in document solutions. Visit


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