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Refilling Printer Cartridges

Posted by togaye on April 29, 2008

Refilling Printer cartridges is not difficult for most people. The cartridges are little more than a plastic box filled with a sponge or a bag. To save money, we need to get ink into that sponge or bag in a way so that the cartridge want leak to fast (causing a mess) or to slow (causing no printing).

In some cases the manufacturer of the cartridge leaves us a nice hole to refill through. In others they require us to drill a small hole ourselves.

There are a few suggestions which we have if you have never refilled before.

1. Always work over a sink! refilling has the potential to make a mess.
2. Always wear old clothes when refilling.

There are six types of Printer cartridges

1. Sponge-Filled Cartridges filled cartridges are the most common. These cartridges are little more than a plastic box with an internal sponge. Filling these cartridges consists of getting ink to saturate the sponge and in particular to get ink to bottom of the sponge where it can then seep out the printhead.

2. Vacuum-retained cartridges are a bit more complex in design, but are not much more difficult to refill. These cartridges are most commonly made by Hewlett-Packard.

3. Uni-colour cartridges have one chamber.

4. Multi-colour cartridges have multiple chambers which each hold a different colour of ink. The printer software sprays out the appropriate combination of dots of magenta,Cyan,Black and yellow to create all of the colours of the rainbow.

5. Reservoir-Only Cartridges only contain an ink reservoir. These cartridges can be refilled many times.

6. Combination Reservoir/Printhead Cartridges contain both an ink reservoir and have a printhead built in to the cartridge.These cartridges will eventually wear out the printhead through simple erosion, but should give good printing for 3 to 12 refills. has been in business for over 10 years and is one of only two ink manufactures in Australia. We supply Inkjet and toner cartridges for all makes and models of printers, faxes, Photocopiers, Plotters. We supply Re-Manufactured cartridges for inkjet and laser printers, Inkjet and laser refill kits to refill your own cartridges and bulk ink.


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